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Creative Tinder combines the expertise of talented designers, artists, writers, editors, developers, programmers, UI experts, brainstormers, problem solvers, technical madmen, marketing gurus and general creative geniuses.

Directed by “Lead Firestarter,” Dean Purvis, each hand-picked team works with a singular purpose – fueling your creative ideas into creative reality.

Believing that you should only pay for the services you need, Dean started Creative Tinder to provide targeted, project-specific services without all the fat. A lifelong creative, tech and media junky, Dean has spent the past two decades working in the entertainment and media industries. Specializing in a personal touch, sideways thinking and maintaining a broad knowledge base, the Creative Tinder team strives for nothing less than your complete satisfaction.

Though there may be many artists working on your behalf, we keep things simple by giving you a single point of contact who tracks every aspect of your project from concept to delivery.

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