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who we are...
Creative Tinder was founded by Lead Firestarter, Dean Purvis. Believing that you should only pay for the services you need, Dean started Creative Tinder to provide targeted, project-specific services without all the fat.

Creative Tinder combines the expertise of talented designers, artists, writers, editors, developers, programmers, UI experts, brainstormers, problem solvers, technical madmen, marketing gurus and general creative geniuses. Each team is hand-picked, to serve your specific needs. While there may be many artists working on your behalf, we keep things simple by giving you a single point of contact who tracks every aspect of your project from concept to delivery.

Creative Tinder – fueling your creative ideas into creative reality.

Dean Purvis in 1st Grade


why our clients recommend us again and again...

Forward Thinking

Technology changes seemingly by the minute. We're always up on the latest news, trends and tech, so we can keep your business ahead of the rest.

Creative Problem Solving

There's never just one answer to a question. We look at your needs from all angles in order to find the best solutions to any problem.

WordPress Gurus

We know WordPress. From it's user-friendly back-end, to the plethora of add-ons & plugins, there is little it can't do, and no one who can't learn it.

Personal Service

We make the effort to get to know you and your business, so that we can provide the most personal, customized service possible.

Honesty & Integrity

There are lots of clichés about this, and we believe every one. If we say it, we mean it, and if we make a mistake, we own it. Your trust is paramount.

Quality, Done Quickly

We get it – you need it fast. We're known by our clients for providing superior products and services, with fast turnaround times.


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